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Welcome to College Park Neuropsychology, the office of Dr. Angela Perkins, licensed psychologist and clinical neuropsychologist.  College Park Neuropsychology offers assessment and therapy services to adults with a wide range of psychological and neurological conditions, from stress and anxiety to dementia and traumatic brain injury.

As a neuropsychologist, I provide comprehensive assessment services designed to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses in order to assist in the diagnosis of a psychiatric or neurological condition and assist with treatment planning. Your physician may refer you for a neuropsychological evaluation to help determine if a condition such as ADHD or dementia is present and I will work with you and your physician to determine treatment options.  Ongoing therapy to focus on cognitive health, cognitive remediation and brain training can also be incorporated into treatment options.  

As a therapist, I also work with individuals to manage psychological conditions and improve quality of life.  I practice primarily within a cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal approach to therapy, with a strong focus on stress management and mindfulness.  Therapeutic services are offered to adults with issues ranging from work stress to severe psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia.  Psychological testing to assist in diagnosis can also be a part of the therapy process.

Please contact Dr. Perkins to discuss the benefits of testing and therapy at College Park Neuropsychology.